Infrastructure and facilities
Audio Visual Room:

To supplement the theoretical teaching in the class room, we have an Audio Visual room where students learn better by seeing & learning with the help of aided material related to all subjects. 



Bus Transportation facilities are provided to students coming from places as far as ParvatPatia and Adajan with GPS device attached in every bus. This helps the parents to locate the arrival of the bus at their respective bus stops.


Lush Green Playground:

The green playground enables our school students to play football, Volleyball, Throw ball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho.


All the classrooms are properly ventilated. The classrooms are spacious enough to accomodate more than 40 students. 

Computer Labs:

In this technology based world computers have brought up a revolutionary change the past. The computer skill will always be valuable in the student’s life. Our computer labs (Senior lab for Classes: VI to XI, Junior lab for Classes: I to V) are well furnished with computer in the ratio of 1:1 for students per class, so each student is benefitted to learn individually by operating the compute on his / her own . 


Our school library provides plethora of resources for all students and faculty thereby being a nerve center of academic learning. The library strives to make resources readily accessible enhance & promote total growth & development of the students.


Students enjoy reading books of various genre in the library which is air conditioned well equipped with resources and has proper seating arrangement.

Mathematics & Language Lab:

Maths lab is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematics facts and theorems through various activities using different materials.


To make the students aware of the correct phonetics there is a language lab which is equipped with latest audio visual teaching aids for the learning of language and to enhance overall communication among students including pronunciation.


Our school auditorium is definitely a colossal structure which is equipped with the most modern audio visual facilities and a massive seating capacity. It is air conditioned, sound proof, installed with a projector, and effective & modern light and sound system. The well facilitated auditorium helps us to conduct important activities and seminars for students as well as teachers.

Staff Room:

Staff room has also been equipped with Hi- tech computers along with internet facilities, to keep the teachers updated.

Art & Craft Room:

A new room has been constructed on the ground floor which is converted into art & craft room. Students enhance their creative skills in this colourful environment.

M.I Room:

An additional room has been added in the infrastructure of our school which, will be used as a Medical Inspection Room. First Aid needed for emergency will be available for the students and staff.

Physics Lab

Physics means to understand the study of natural forces and to be well versed with it, one need latest lab facilities. Wefeel elated to provide the same to the students. 

Biology Lab

Life on the Earth is a part of evolution process. And Biology plays a pivotal role in it. So to understand life on planet, it is essential to understand biology with latest equipment’sand experiments which is given to the students in abundance in our Biology Lab. 

Chemistry Lab

A great Physicist, Mr. Michael Faraday told about Chemistry:

Chemistry is necessarily an experimental science: its conclusions are drawn from data, and its principles supported by evidence from facts.


We know the importance of Chemistry in life. So, we are providing latest lab equipment’s in chemistry lab.

Examination Room

We have examination room with latest IT support. Our teachers are using technology to make question papers, results and other academic related work.


We are moving towards 'paperless work' by using cutting edge technology.

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